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   Sedona Poetry Slam 

      September 2022




Roger Blakiston was born in Northumberland, England. He is a professional magician, author, visionary, and poet. He has a vast knowledge of the geography, history, culture, art, and languages of other nations.


From palaces and castles to bomb shelters, for royalty, and for those who have been outcast, he has traveled across the world’s oceans and walked over mine fields to perform his magic. Roger’s ancestors were famous explorers, pirates, and royalty. He was born into a family of writers and travelers with a deep sense of imagination. He has walked in the footsteps of both great leaders and prophets, and over lands which have witnessed terrible wars.


In 2014, he published his first book, The Spiritual Stage. In 2016 he published Forest of Song, a compilation of his poetry spanning nearly sixty years. The following 2 years he wrote another 120 poems, resulting in the publishing of his third book, Meadow of Verse, in the spring of 2018. In March 2020 he published his fourth book, Desert of Inspiration, with 136 new poems. In December 2021, Roger released his fifth book/fourth poetry book, River of Rhyme, which contains another 119 poems.


He lives in the magical and inspiring town of Sedona, Arizona.

From: River of Rhyme

Eye of the Storm

I smile serenely in the center

Of a raging storm.

In the dark sky,

I am the eye,

My shield shall keep me warm.


I see division, anger, hate,

Yet fully am aware.

Within this calm,

I feel no harm,

I breathe the fragrant air.


In the stillness, I observe

The silence midst the noise.

With third eyesight,

I see the light;

When knocked, I keep my poise.


I am protected by a force,

A power I’ve come to trust.

Remaining brave,

I shall not cave,

For I was once stardust.


A particle of one vast whole,

That still is found intact.

A perfect being,

Is what I’m seeing,

And not a mirror, cracked.


Reflecting on the swirling winds,

I feel an inner peace.

In the divine,

My love will shine;

The drums of conflict cease.


The storm shall pass, yet I am here,

Untouched by ego’s spear.

A spirit pure,

I am secure,

I put to rest all fear.

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