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This is Roger’s most recent book, published at the end of 2021. It consists of 119 new poems, all written since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this tome Roger covers a wide variety of topics. Several of his poems go deeply into his quest for the meaning of life and connection to source. He takes you on an exciting and enchanting journey into magical worlds, some fantasy, and others very real. Some of his poems are in storybook form, and frequently contain spiritual messages between the lines.


The aim with his poetry is to inspire his readers to think outside the box and be left with a positive feeling that, despite any darkness that may be happening in their lives, there is always hope as they journey forward. His wish is to assure them that beyond the veil they are shown a passage to the eternal kingdom of peace, love, and joy!

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Roger Blakiston, a prolific poet, now releases this, his third book of poetry. Roger lives in Sedona, Arizona, though he is originally from the United Kingdom. Anyone who has visited Sedona, in the high desert of Arizona, will know that it is one of the most beautiful townships on Planet Earth. His home is nestled midst spectacular scenery, with views of red rocks and ancient vortexes. It is the perfect environment to inspire a poet, and hence the title of the book. Many of these poems were written while Roger was out on his daily hikes.

Roger is on a spiritual journey, as is reflected in his poetry. His last book was published in the Spring of 2018, and he started writing this book soon afterwards. Unlike his other books, the poems appear in the exact order that they were written. This will be interesting for the reader, as you can follow his path of imagination and inspiration. You will find deep, thoughtful poems, poems of fantasy, and humorous poems, as you explore his magical world. Roger is a professional magician, but also has a deep connection with the magic and miracles of nature. Roger’s style is traditional, in so much as all his poems rhyme. There are many powerful, positive, and profound messages hidden within these pages. By inviting the reader to look inward, Roger hopes to make others see the light where there often appears to be only darkness and shadows.

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For some time, Roger has been on a spiritual path, and much of this is reflected in his poetry. He feels he has messages of importance to share with humanity about love, rebirth and the journey back to bliss, where it all began. This theme of remembrance is reflected in a number of his poems. You will find yourself transported to other dimensions, inhabited by angels, faeries, mermaids, wizards and elementals. Roger is by profession a magician, and you will notice that the theme of magic and miracles creeps into his poetry.

“There has ever been the potential for true Magic in the power of words. And when those words are wielded for the sake of uplifting and inspiring the reader, that potential is fulfilled, and a deeper magic is revealed. Roger Blakiston is a mystical author and visionary poet with this precious gift of weaving words into wonder. A lifetime in magic, both theatrical and spiritual, have given him a rare insight and depth of understanding that illuminates his writings. In these pages, the reader will discover a timeless treasure trove of original poems, infused with the perennial message of love and hope for humankind.”

Jay Scott Berry, Magician/Musician/Poet.

Roger started writing poetry when he was around eight years old.   In his school holidays, he used to go with his family to remote parts of Great Britain, and these locations frequently were his inspiration. 


He has included some of his very early poetry like “The Battle of Hastings” in this book, as well as several poems that were written in his late teens and early to mid-twenties.  At that time in his life, he was going through a great deal of exploration with love, career, and trying to figure out the meaning of life. He then went for four decades without writing any poetry, until he one day rediscovered his inner poet.


​The poems are divided into categories, but within the categories they are in no special sequence.  In recent years, Roger moved to Sedona, Arizona, and you will read a few poems that he has written while living in that magical community.

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“The Spiritual Stage” by Roger Blakiston is a unique insight into the spiritual thought process of a man who has spent his life in the entertainment profession.  Although the author is a professional magician, lecturer, motivational speaker and children’s entertainer, this book is a suggested read for all those who are already entertainers, or for those who are considering entering the profession.  The book is deep and thought provoking, as well as being amusing and controversial.  Roger offers much wisdom gained during his years of experience in the business, and suggests that you apply the many universal spiritual principles to heighten your creativity both on and off stage.  He shares with you the secrets of living a happy and fulfilling life and inspires you to share your God given talents with others.


"My intention is for this book to be a positive and thought-provoking thesis on why we become entertainers and how we can best achieve our goals, dreams, and desires. Although entertainers (or those who aspire to entertain) will read this book, much of the spiritual content can be applied to any profession, as the principles are universal."
~ Roger Blakiston

"For those bitten by the bug, performing is far more than a profession. It is a calling. Roger Blakiston’s "The Spiritual Stage" is an indispensable guide for anyone who calls the stage home. While some people experience personal happiness and others professional success, it is rare to find someone who has achieved both. Roger is just such a person: an accomplished magician whose career spans two continents and a man who has found fulfillment in his personal life. His mission is to help others do the same. Through the use of anecdotes, thoughtful reflection, and unique insights, he shows us how to create and maintain confidence, positivity, and harmony on the stage and off. Whether you are an aspiring performer or a veteran, this book has much to teach you about living well and fully. Buy it, read it, commit it to memory."
~ James Munton, Author/Speaker/Magician

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